Paint and Plant Cup & Saucer::

Calling all KIDS !! Ages 3 and up!

Come in a create a beutiful handpainted cup with saucer! You will get to paint your cup any way you want, then plant it with succulents and add beautiful top dressing to finish it up!

*Cost $25.00 per child
*All materials are included
*This is a 2 hour class

Our classes are held at our garden stuido/nursery located on our proprety, we are a home based business.

KIDS FAIRY GARDEN CLASS!!! Open to all kids ages 3 to 17

  • $25.00
  • About 2 hours long
  • Come and create your very own fairy Garden with us! Choose from a variety of sands, gems, stones, tumbled glass, shells, and succulents. Let your imagination take off as you create your perfect fairy garden!
  • Space is limited to 10 kids.

    Included in the class:

  • 8in galvanized tin container
  • 2, 2.5in succulent plants
  • Fairy or Animals
  • Decorate a fence and pinwheel
  • Decorate your container with paint pens, stickers and jewels
  • Make an animal or person on a stick
  • Add a miniature banner


  • TERRARIUM CLASS!!! Ages 5-17
    • $25.00
    • This class is 1 hour long and you will get to take home your very own terrarium!

    Included In The Class:

    • Glass vessel
    • Cool rocks
    • Sands
    • Gems
    • Soil
    • Succulents
    • A garden stick or animals to add to your terrarium!

Kids paint and plant a pot:: Ages 4-17

Design your very own succulent pot using beautiful colors of paint and jewels. You will get to design a 6" Terra-cotta pot, a pinwheel or fence and plant it with succulents!

*Your choice of two 2.5in succulent plants 
*Succulent soil
*Choose from an assortment of top rocks
*Decorate a fence or pinwheel
*Add an animal or two if you like

Cost:: $20.00 


  • $22.00 
    Create your own string gardens and hang inside by a bright window or outside on a tree branch or off a hook! Enjoy a new way to display your succulents! Learn how to care for your new hanging garden!
    In this class you will get to create 1 kokedama string garden to display anyway you like!
    Choose from an assortment of 2.5in succulents that will be used in your kokedama.
    Learn what soils to combine, so your kokedama with thrive. 
    This class runs 1 hour